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Making Money in Thailand

A Retiree's Handbook

For $1200/month you can live comfortably in beautiful Thailand. In a few hours a week you can double that income doing something you enjoy. This book tells you how.

Create a Comfortable Income in Thailand 
with Little or No Investment. 

The easiest way to double your income: 
  • Already have a retirement income. $1200/mo. is enough.
  • Live where the economy is growing 7% a year.
  • Live where it's warm and beautiful and people are happy.
  • Work where you can live without stress within your income
  • Do what you already love doing
  • Start today. There's plenty you can do before you leave home
  • A growing economy
  • Study, study, study. Learn about your many business options
  • Plan, plan, plan. Planning is free and you can start now.


  • It will save you so much TIME!
  • It will save you so much MONEY!
  • It will lift your spirits (when you see your possibilities)
  • It tells you how to prepare, what you'll need, where to go.
  • It starts where you are right now. Today.
  • It's written in simple, straightforward language.
  • It breaks things down to dollars and cents.


  • A solid introduction to Thailand: people, language, and culture.
  • Thailand's business culture: How "win-win" works here.
  • How and where to find products in Thailand. Places and times
  • How to test your products without spending a penny
  • Spreadsheets with profit & loss calculations
  • How to get cheap shipping.
  • How to get a job in Thailand, legally.
  • 27 different ways to make money in Thailand.
  • Links to everything you need to know.
will prove to you that you can live very comfortably, while enjoying a lifestyle your friends can only dream of.
The steps it lays out are practical, simple, and financially sound. So relax (maybe for the first time in years).
Changing your life will stimulate your creativity. And retiring in Thailand is a REAL change of life! You'll see opportunities everywhere..
For $19.95 I provide everything you need to make a decision PLUS TWO HOURS OF PERSONAL CONSULTING. There is literally nowhere else you can go for this information.


You'll Learn..
  • How to sell Thai products back to your home market
  • How the Thai government helps you make money
  • Where to find products to sell
  • What kinds of products sell best
  • How to sell your services in Thailand
  • How to sell your skills abroad from Thailand
  • Getting a job and a Thai work permit the moment you arrive
  • How to understand Thai culture...and fit in
  • The 15 biggest pitfalls for doing business in Thailand

  • Also: Useful Charts, Step-by-step Checklists, Links, Budgets, and Helpful Guides to Preparing to do business in Thailand. And you'll get useful reviews and smart tips to help you get started.
"Solid and comprehensive. It covers the range of employment and business possibilities for foreigners." - David Nevraumont, Middletown, USA.

"We've been thinking of retiring to Thailand since we read the first book. This is even more helpful. I like that you've linked all the important information directly to the key websites. Saves time." - Terry Paddick, Otago, New Zealand

"Some very interesting ideas. Definitely NOT the usual, run-of-the-mill discussion of Thai business. Good value for the money, though." - Diana Worthington, Cairns, Australia
MAKING MONEY IN THAILAND: A Retiree's Handbook proves that living here is practical, affordable and fun, fun, fun. Did you know that
  • Thailand holds a 4-day water-fight every year? And they expect you to join in!
  • You can live–really comfortably–on $1200/month here?
  • You can save enough from your $1200 to capitalize your enw business?
  • You can doub
If I can prove to you that these things are true, then you're much more likely to enroll in one of our $1500 Living in Thailand workshops.
But you're probably not going to take a workshop without at least reading a book. The book's the second step. (The first step is to read How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income which explains why just moving here doubles your earning power.)
Once you've read both books you'll realize that Thailand is an affordable dream and, maybe, that the workshop might be a good investment, so...
If you're sufficiently serious about improving your quality of life to start making changes, get this book right now and start making plans today.
I'm not trying to sell you on the idea of living in Thailand. A new life in Thailand isn't an idea that needs to be sold. It's an idea whose appeal speaks for itself. And, God knows, I'm not trying to persuade you to start a business here. This book is for people who are already interested in starting a business and who want a few suggestions and a lot of information about the business culture here, and the possibilities that retirees in Thailand have been seizing on.
I'm inviting you to take advantage of a unique bundle of resources, a collection of observations, advice, experience, budgets, and reports that, together, detail the glories and the frustrations...the benefits and risks...the ins and the outs of spending your time and money trying to start a new business in a new country.
For the price of lunch or a few beers you will have all the information you need to jump full force into starting a fresh new life.


  1. $19.95 puts the report within reach of anyone who wants to start businesses. It's not too expensive–even for cashstrapped retirees. I believe that $19.95 is an genuine bargain for what you get and more importantly, the time you will save.
  2. If you do decide to move to Thailand, whether or not you start a business, I want you to take our Life in Thailand Seminar. I make my living giving $1500 workshops to people seriously interested in living in Thailand. If you read the first book there's a good chance you'll want to take the workshop. This second book suggests profitable ways to spend your time once you get here. The workshop is its own bargain for the money you will save.

So if you're serious about getting a new life and having a real adventure now, click the "Buy Now" button below. If you need to justify the expense, skip going out to eat once this week and it's paid for.
Don't stand in puddle of water and cry because your feet are wet. If you're worried about money and don't have the lifestyle you want, ask yourself: "What did I do today to improve my quality of life?" If you didn't do anything then you have no one to blame but yourself.
P.S. Seriously, for just $19.95 you'll get the tools to create a completely new life. Quit searching and get started. It's time to start living the life you deserve.

Godfree Roberts earned his doctorate from UMass, Amherst, has lived in five countries and holds citizenship in two. He retired in Thailand for its combination of culture and cost. He wrote the #1 book on how to retire in Thailand, How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income. He founded to help others do the same.

Readable, practical, brief: saves years of time and make thousands of dollars. Download your copy now: $19.95

         Download from Amazon Now 


  1. BEFORE YOU LEAVE HOME: Who to talk to; what to set up in advance.
  2. THAILAND: AN INTRODUCTION: People, places; culture, good manners.
  3. STARTING A BUSINESS IN THAILAND: The rules of the a very different culture.
  4. STARTING AN INTERNET BUSINESS: MUCH easier. How to do it for $5. People who did it for me. What they charge. What you get for your $$.
  5. INTERNET BUSINESSES YOU CAN CHOOSE: A surprising range of choices. Some independent of your location; some Thailand only.
  6. YOUR HOME-BASED BUSINESS IN THAILAND: On $1200/mo. you can afford the 1–2 years it takes to get profitable. Again, a range of choices.
  7. EXPORTING FROM THAILAND: Freight, insurance, refunds, products, product sources. (Almost) everything you need to know.
  8. REAL-WORLD JOBS:Don't sell the farm! If you've got a portable skill, chances are you can put it to use here in Thailand.
  9. BUYING OR STARTING A THAI-BASED BUSINESS: The pleasures and pitfalls of doing business in a country where everything–including the legal system–is still emerging!
  10. TEACHING ENGLISH IN THAILAND: This is how I got started, so the information here is first-hand and reliable: certification, placement, etc.
  11. 40 REASONS TO LIVE AND WORK IN THAILAND: And here's #41: It Prevents Alzheimer's! Your old brain will be taxed every day learning everything from scratch! Language, customs, food, addresses (there are none)...
Just the big components of Thailand's foreign trade.


(If you're serious about Thailand, visit and check out our residential workshops on living in Thailand. You'll actually DO everything a resident does, including
  • Getting full general physical medical and dental checkups
  • Condo hunting
  • Learning to cook Thai food on an organic farm.
  • Getting a Thai massage
  • Washing elephants and rafting down the river for dinner.
  • and much, much more
The entire week, including your hotel, is included in the $1500 fee. There are no 'extras'. Not even tips. You'll save more on your medical and dental alone than the cost of the entire workshop!)

Download from Amazon 

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